Testimonials from our Clients


"I litterally don't know where my life would be right now if it were not for Harry's guidance. He always believes in me."



"Tim is golden!! Very productive session today."



"I am deeply grateful to the wonderful practice."  "Thank you, thank you, you lovely people."



"April is great, thank you for the referral" 



"Quality, Customer service, Wait time, Environment
Nicole was wonderful. I look forward to her working with our family!"


"Erin makes us comfortable and educates us with compassion & understanding."


September 2022 (Google Review)

5 Stars



"Environment, Other, Quality, Wait time, Customer service
Erin made us comfortable, was educational & empathetic. Looking forward to our next visit."



Environment, Customer service, Quality, Wait time
A very positive experience. Kelsey is a good match for me. In future I plan to park further down on the street so I can get a good walk in.



Sharon was very accommodating with my daughter (name not provided due to HIPAA) today. Thank you!



Environment, Other, Quality, Wait time, Customer service
Great! Thank you!
August 2022 (Google Review)
5 Stars



"My daughter (name not provided due to HIPAA) loves her appointments and she looks forward to them." 


May 2022 (Google Review)

5 Stars - My life can be broken in to two distinct timelines - before I started seeing Catherine and after I started seeing Catherine.
I couldn't recommend her more.  Also, the facilities are wonderful and full of charm (though admittedly the parking leaves something to be desired)


May 2022 (Google Review)

5 Stars - Wonderful, caring, and results driven. Thankful for Rachel and the team at FFC.



Wait time, Quality, Customer Service, Environment

All of the above is great "



Environment, Customer service, Quality, Wait time
"Great caring, considerate, quality counseling!"


"Great visit!  Look forward to more!"



"I truly appreciate the time you (therapist) committed to me and I regard our sessions as one of the best investments in myself that I have ever made."



"Therapist is top notch.  This person shines years beyond her chronological age and her skill set and ability to communicate with clients is unsurpassed"



"My therapist was easy to talk to and had good suggestions.  I feel I will gain a lot through my sessions with him (Latimer)."



Customer Service, Environment, Quality, Wait Time

"We love EJ"



"Rachel is the best!"



"Rachel is awesome. The only thing that I'd like to change is to be able to meet in person but I understand things are in the works so it is what it is. (review during the height of Covid) I'm really happy I found Rachel. She's a great asset to your practice."



"I really like my therapist, she's great!"



"Helped us navigate something we have not been able to do on our own.  Cannot put a price on that."



"Debbie is the best!"



Other, Environment, Quality

"Debbie is wonderful! Best money I have ever spent."
2020 (Google Review)
5 Stars







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